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Cell Line Authentication and Contamination Detection Poster




Katie Oostdik, M.S., Adam Petterson, Gabriela Saldahana, Trista Schagat, Ph.D. and Doug Storts, Ph.D.
Promega Corporation

Cell line misidentification and contamination can have a profound effect on the time and money invested in cell line research. The National Institutes of Health strongly  recommends authentication when using cultured cells. To aid in authentication, Promega has developed two products, StemElite™ ID and Cell ID™ two 10-locus multiplex PCR systems, the only difference between the two systems is the presence of a marker to detect contamination from mouse feeder cells in the StemElite ID System. Here we demonstrate the use of StemElite™ ID to identify a human stem cell line and to detect contamination from mouse feeder cells and other human cell lines.

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  • Part# PS126
  • Printed in USA.

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