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The ADCC Reporter Bioassay is ideal for quantifying Fc effector function of therapeutic antibodies, as measured by activation of NFAT signaling. The assay is based on ADCC mechanism of action, and is easier to use and less variable than classic ADCC assays. See below for links to ADCC Reporter Bioassay products currently available.

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Scientific presentations on the ADCC Reporter Bioassay presented at BEBPA 2013 (Basel, Switzerland, Sept 25-27):

pdf_download Establishment and Optimization of a Potency Assay for an Effector mAb Using "ADCC Reporter Bioassay”
Dr. Mike Sadick, Catalent Pharma Solutions (Kansas City)
pdf_download Mechanism of Action Testing of Therapeutic Antibodies: ADCC Variants V158 and F158 in a Reporter-Based Bioassay
Dr. Ulrike Herbrand, Charles River Biopharmaceutical Services GmbH
pdf_download Controlling Cell-based Bioassay Performance through Controlled Preparation of Bioassay-ready Cells
Dr. Teresa Surowy, R&D, Promega
pdf_download Development of an FcγRIIIa (F158)-based Surrogate ADCC Reporter Bioassay: Performance and Demonstration of Appropriate Discrimination of Therapeutic Antibody Potencies in Comparisons with the Sister V158-based ADCC Reporter Bioassay
Dr. Teresa Surowy, R&D, Promega
pdf_download A Bioluminescent TNFα Blocker Bioassay that Incorporates Thaw-and-Use Cells Demonstrates Suitability for Validation for QC Lot-release and Stability
Dr. Teresa Surowy, R&D, Promega

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